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Intuit Leadership Conference is a two day transformational workshop held annually for directors and above, designed to re-energize our leaders around our mission and instill confidence in our future.

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Summer 2020

Product Visual Designer

Nicole Parente-Lopez

JP Ramirez

Kyle Locke

Nick Jonkman


Intuit Leadership Conference, (ILC) is a two day event that brings leaders together and empowers them with the tools they need to play offense and accelerate out of the downturn.


ILC was traditionally an in-person person event that kicked off during each new fiscal year. However, in early 2020, all businesses and activity were shut down due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. As a team, we knew all decisions would be directed through the lens of our current environment. 

With the new normal came a new opportunity for our team to solve: how might we take a high stake in-person experience (such as ILC) and create a completely engaging and delightful digital experience?


As part of the overall event experience, our team was tasked to design a fully robust microsite for leaders to use as an agenda, create ways for leaders to connect, and keep leaders inspired through content and programming throughout the two day event.

Starting from a completely new digital experience, our team created an event site map to understand the general flow of the event. We understood the experience should feel seamless and thoughtful, with a clear benefit. 

Keeping the frameworks of our in-person event, we intentionally designed all parts of the web experience to be clean, minimal and focused, allowing for the media and written content to have the most presence and be the user's main focus.

With the design opportunity for a two-way engagement rather than a one-way broadcast, we designed an attendee directory with attendee cards. Each card housed unique information about each leader, from their favorite quotes, books to their leadership style with the idea that it could be a way to break the ice for leaders to use with each other as a networking tool.

Lastly, we created an editorial section within the microsite called Diary of Leader, a place where leadership can read and enjoy thought pieces from their Intuit peers. It was a well loved feature and also used as way for peers to connect and discuss.

Zume Pizza Marketing Team

VP, Marketing
Tracy Forester

Social Media Manager
Amy Weber

As the first shipped digital experience from our team, we were ecstatic to learn the event was rated a NPS Score of 74 by Intuit leaders (compared to 78 in 2019).

Overall, 77% of leaders reported they feel better connected to other leaders at Intuit. 97% understand what is expected of them as a leader at Intuit.

Our team felt this was a huge milestone and set the bar for future digital experiences. As quoted by a leadership attendee, "The end-to-end design has been consistently up-leveled! It really showcases Intuit in a modern way."

Since ILC in 2020, we have used the learnings from our site design and programming to continue pushing for excellence in delivering delightful events for our employees and customers.

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