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intuit's successful Prosperity Hub Program, an array of job-readiness and job-creation initiatives for communities in need, has become a centerpiece of its corporate responsibility agenda.

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Visual Design

Interaction Design


Summer 2021

Lead Visual Designer

Nicole Parente-Lopez

Candice Pham

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In late spring of 2020, Intuit launched a GTM campaign focused on highlighting the Prosperity Hub Program. This campaign spanned from streaming advertisements, digital ads and press coverage with a call to action to visit the microsite and learn more in depth about this global wide effort. 

Our team was tasked with redesigning a new landing page–a page that would drive more engagement and provide more in-depth storytelling than the previous design. With a limited window of time and no full-time engineering resources, we needed to quickly iterate.

Together with the Web, GTM and the Brand Experiences & Storytelling team, we created a new landing page and A/B tested both the new and old microsite experience to determine ways to increase on-site engagement rates.

Our working teams hypothesized that the addition of more in-depth content and motion assets would drive a much deeper visitor engagement beyond the current low 1.4% engagement rate of the previous design. Test results would be delivered by the end of May. 

Using Ceros as a experiential web tool and adding to the the existing content and design of the previous microsite, we crafted a new interactive experience, pulling from a breadth of portraits and environmental photos from our three subjects and their hometowns.


Leaning heavily onto our Intuit brand colors and imagery and opting for the use of visual devices like a timeline and a carousel, we went deeper to paint a more complete story. By shining a spotlight on each person through rethreading their existing campaign video spots, quotes and landscapes from their home town, visitors see real people who have been positively impacted by this program. 

Test Methodology: A/B Testing
Hypothesis: If we change the design of the Possibilities landing page using Ceros, then we expect the new design will have a positive impact or keep the page engagement the same, which we will measure by the total number of clicks and time spent on page.
Testing time: 3 - 4 weeks or whenever the test hits statistical significance
Test location:
Audience: All visitors that comes from the landing page
Primary metric: Total clicks
Secondary metric: Time spent on page
Test groups:

  • Control: v1 of the landing page using OICMS components

  • Variant #1: v2 of the landing page built in Ceros

Traffic Allocation:

  • 50% (control) vs. 50% (variant)

  • Device type: Desktop vs Mobile

Frame 4.png

Previous design

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 12.01.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 12.02.11 PM.png

Updated design

The outcome of the A/B test was conducted over 3 weeks in May of 2021 to test the effectiveness of the Job Creation campaign landing page. Test results showed that while visitors spent slightly less time on the new landing page (4 minutes vs. 4.2 minutes), the updated microsite design drove a 68% increase in engagement rate (2.35% vs. 1.4%) over the original page.

As a result, the landing page has been switched to the higher performing new design format, redesigned by our team.

Prosperity Hub microsite link:

Zume Pizza Marketing Team

VP, Marketing
Tracy Forester

Social Media Manager
Amy Weber

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