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QuickBooks Connect delivers ongoing content and experiences that bring together the accounting and business communities to inspire, educate and connect.

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Fall 2021

Lead Product Designer, Visual

Nicole Parente-Lopez

Bradley Brechin

Kyle Locke

Yen Phoaw

Nick Jonkman

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QuickBooks Connect (QBC) is a global annual conference for accounting professionals and small business owners. Event programming spans from QuickBooks leadership and thought leaders discussing the future of accounting, the acceleration of e-commerce, and other major business priorities.

This year's theme is a call to Power Your Next. All touch points will be designed around the ideas of emphasis on energy, momentum and opportunity.

In fall of 2020, our team quickly came together to create a MVP digital QBC experience amidst the global pandemic. This year, armed with our learnings from the previous event, we had a new goal of upleveling the event site in order to continue delivering a delightful, robust experience for all QBC attendees.


Personalization through content, meetups and partner recommendations will be be a key feature for this year. 

The QBC experience ladders to the following business priorities

  • Organize your finances

  • Manage cash flow

  • Grow your business 

  • Take care of your team

These business priorities will be repeated across the different elements of the experience.

Below is how our team will measure the design's performance (note the final numbers will not come in until after the event later this year):

Before (Acquisition)
Registrations (50K goal), agendas built, campaign metrics

During (Experience)

Attendance, event NPS, attrition, time spent on content

After (Impact)

QuickBooks NPS lift, QuickBooks message pull-through and brand metrics lift.

When conducting user testing, our team sifted through user interviews from last year's attendees as well as conducted user interviews on new features of the site. From this we were able to create a better picture of who our attendees are, and understand their specific pain points for us to improve on.

Our team's two overarching strategies are defined below as:

  • Creating durable components that can be reused throughout the site

  • No dead ends–there would be a continuous content blades that funnel you to different interests within the event experience

We recently shipped the newly improved QuickBooks Connect marketing site and event platform within the past few weeks. Results to come soon.

Register for this year's QuickBooks Connect event for free by visiting

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VP, Marketing
Tracy Forester

Social Media Manager
Amy Weber

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