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Zume Pizza Brand Guidelines

In 2018, our design team launched a complete redesign of the Zume Pizza brand. The company had an immediate need to have its new visual language in a centralized document in order to build new brand applications and rapidly scale Zume Pizza's marketing reach.

Work / Project

Visual Identity
Design System


Zume Pizza


Fall 2018

181001 Brand Guidelines39.jpg

The brand guidelines contain an outline of Zume Pizza's identity, color, typography, photography, layouts and web style guide. It was distributed to new marketing and creative team members as a common visual language in an effort to rapidly scale across fleet vehicles, point of sale items, swag.

As the lead designer on this project, I worked closely with the Design Director as well as other members of our team to encapsulate the 

visual DNA of Zume Pizza as a brand.

Selected pages from Brand Guideline

Zume Pizza Creative Team

Creative Director
Brendan Finlayson

Lead Designer
Alysa Trinidad

Brand Designers
Oliver MacDonald

George Quick

Product Designers
Kai Takahashi

Erika Von Kelsh

Noel Barnhurst Studios

Amy Webster

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