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Zume Pizza Content Creation

Since its inception in 2015, Zume Pizza had gone viral and became the company known on the internet as the "pizza robot startup". By 2018, the competitive market for fast casual food was fierce and as the new business on the block, Zume needed to showcase to its future and existing customer base that it was not only innovative, but delivered food that was delicious, fresh and of quality, without compromise. 

Work / Medium



Production Design

Content Design

Zume Pizza

Summer 2018


Amy Weber

Production Assistant

Alysa Trinidad


Zume Pizza Marketing Team

VP, Marketing
Tracy Forester

Social Media Manager
Amy Weber

Our Social Media Manager and I teamed up to produce original content for our social channels, building content around new seasonal menu items, new market launches, and limited holiday menu promotions. 

We concepted and shot our content
on-site at Zume Pizza headquarters and off-site in parts all over the Bay Area. As a two person team, we worked quickly with hot pies and raw ingredients, keeping in mind everything needed stay fresh.

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